I capture genuine moments and emotions so that when others view your photos, they will immediately connect to your experience or your brand.

I've had a camera for as long as I can remember. From the early days of “fashion shoots” during middle school sleepovers, to losing track of time in the dark room at high school, taking photos was a natural interest and talent I’ve continued to refine. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Photographic Arts from the University of Central Oklahoma, and a literal lifetime of photography experience. Side Note - I originally majored in English Literature, because "real job" vs "hobby" mumbo jumbo and I eventually couldn't deny what I was meant to do. So, I minored in it because I wasn't about to let all that work go to waste. (And mad love to high school teachers, because I.could.not.)

As an introvert that prefers deep connection to frivolous small-talk, photography lets me connect with others in a way that’s enjoyable for me while putting everyone else at ease. Comfortable clients make the best photos, so it’s a win-win! Read more about that on the Working With Me page. 


Things I love: 
Anything glittery and gold, baking (or something like it), tending to plants with equal parts hesitance and enthusiasm, Harry Potter, dreaming of a simple and quiet farm life — but with more Gossip Girl marathons, 19th century literature, and being a homebody at heart with my husband and our wild child Jax. 



I was born and raised here in Oklahoma. I grew up loving everything Star Wars, Star Trek, and Harry Potter. My husband, James introduced me to the world of comic books and Doctor Who further increasing my FanGirl status.  I’m also a total Pop Culture trivia junkie and look forward to winning $20,000 on Celebrity Name Game someday, ha!

We have three amazing, rambunctious boys named Peter, Killian, and Westley.  Our life is filled with lots of Legos, lightsabers, trains sets, and Hot Wheels.  It’s complete and utter chaos but we have A LOT of fun!  Our middle son has severe food allergies and since his diagnosis I’ve developed a passion for developing “safe” recipes to cook and bake in our home and for others.  His sensitivities also led to our family making more natural choices when it comes to our daily life. Cloth diapers, natural cleaning, bath, and body products, and babywearing (to eliminate contact exposure) to name a few and I LOVE to talk about it so if you ever want to discuss cloth diapers or baby carriers I’m your girl!

I also have a degree in Respiratory Therapy and am a practicing Registered Respiratory Therapist part time at a local hospital in the OKC area.  In my spare time I can usually be found on my couch watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix (while folding laundry…because it NEVER. ENDS.)

I met Courtney in 7th grade at Central Junior High in Moore, OK and we’ve been best buds ever since!  I’ve been enjoying watching her grow her business from the sidelines for several years and I’m SO thrilled to now have an active role as her office manager. I love engaging and connecting with clients so I’m excited to meet and work with you!