No matter what type of photoshoot we’ll do, these points hold true:

I’ll embrace your vision. If you have a “good side” or if you’d rather hide something, tell me. If we’re mid-shoot and you notice an interesting wall across the street, tell me. If you want to draw attention to something whether it’s heirloom jewelry, a tattoo, or the perfect angle, tell me! 

I’ll pursue genuine moments. No cheesy smiles with laser beam backgrounds. (Unless you really wanted one. In that case, let’s chat.) The more relaxed you are, the better. If you're lucky, I'll tell some awesome jokes. Not to brag, but my two year old thinks I'm hilarious.

I’ll help you feel your best. If you have some hair sticking up, lipstick on your teeth, or need a reminder to laugh — hey, that’s what I do. We’ve all been there. I can lovingly offer you a toothpick if you need one. You’ll thank me later. No worries, just fun. 

I’ll welcome and respect you. I love working with clients who fall all over the spectrum of the human experience. It’s important that you know I will honor your story, identity, culture, voice, and vision. I welcome members of the LGBTQ community and clients of all genders, religions, and races and will validate you, your family, or your brand. 

I’ll offer great advice if you ask! I’m happy to answer questions, work with last-minute deadlines, or reschedule if the weather is bad. Not sure what to wear? Send me some photos of what you had in mind, and I’ll give guidance! Need location ideas? I’ve got a ton of suggestions.


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