Vivi ·One in the Summertime·

Hello Dears!

Long time no blog! I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure this month has been THE longest year of my life. Is January always like this and I just block it out? Anyone else feeling like hibernating for another month or so?

This cold weather is really getting old, so I’m digging through last year’s sessions to remind myself that warmer days are coming. Vivi’s parents wanted to do something fun and unique for her one year session, and I was totally on board. We opted for the Myriad Gardens in OKC, because they have a fabulous splash pad and yummy cold treats which were perfect for her summertime session.

Thanks for stopping by….now it’s back to hibernating!!

Jasper House Mini Sessions


Hello Dears!

Back in July, I told you all about a special opportunity to give back, and boy did you take it and run with it. Jasper House is a program in Haiti that provides resources and healing for women who have been abused and traumatized. Until Jasper House was founded in 2015, there were virtually no resources for women facing assault or abuse. That was a major issue, considering 1 in 3 women in Haiti ages 15-49 have experienced sexual and/or physical violence. 

The Healing Centre at Jasper House was founded in 2015, and here women are provided with therapies such as counseling, art, yoga, and self defense so they can heal, restore their self worth and be empowered to transform their lives. They weren't merely a safe home, the Healing Centre was a place where hope is restored and new life begins to take root. 

Since 2015, Jasper House has grown!  The majority of the women at Jasper House were over the age of eighteen and had reached an average academic level of second grade.  There were no adult alternative education options in Haiti so Jasper House created one. The Women's Academy for Learning provides basic education and literacy in addition to 3 vocational tracks so that the women are able to support themselves and have professional careers. 

Their most recent program is Rise and Empower, a type of non-profit business that employs people and earns income in order to help address perceived social or environmental issues. With the creation of handcrafted clothing and accessories, made primarily with locally sources materials, R&E is a business that will not only provide cutting edge fashion pieces that will long outlast the trends, but will also provide our women long-term sustainable income, empowering them to take back the keys of autonomy and independence for their lives. 

Jasper House recently expressed the need for a Tap-tap. What's a Tap-Tap you might ask? A Tap-Tap is a painted bus that is used to transport people around Haiti.
Jasper House currently has no form of consistent, reliable and safe transportation for their students to and from school.  Having a Tap-Tap would increase educational performance by decreasing the amount of class time missed due to the lack of safe transport.
They began raising money for a Tap-Tap in June and were about 25% of the way to their goal.

We wanted to pitch in so that they could be closer to their goal by the start of the new school year. I announced my plan for the Tap-Tap minis, and you guys responded! Through all of our lovely mini sessions, we were able to donate $1800 to the Jasper House Tap-Tap fund! That was only possible through YOU wonderful people! We can't thank you enough for your willingness to give back. 

If you missed out on the mini sessions, don't fret! Jasper House is still accepting donations for their Tap-Tap fund, and you can find that by clicking the button below. Just click on the drop down menu and choose the Tap-Tap fund.

Another great way to help out is to purchase a t-shirt from Jasper House! They recently launched the release of their 'Tomorrow is for Women' t-shirt, and all the proceeds from the t-shirt sales will go directly to the Tap-Tap fund. Go get you one! Just click below to check it out.

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Baby Hayden ·6 Month Lifestyle Session·


Hello Dears!

You might recognize this face, but he's changed quite a bit since the last time you saw him. Mr. Hayden is now a whole 9 months old! His parents Karina and Craig opted to do his 6 month milestone session at home just like his newborn session last year and I couldn't have been more excited. Lifestyle photography in the home allows people to capture precious moments that normally fly by and exist only in memory. Six months may not seem like a long time but homes continually undergo major transformations as baby grows. Bouncy seats are replaced with high chairs, little plates and sippy cups join the bottles in the cabinets.  Gates appear in the doorways and covers adorn each outlet.


Life with babies can be chaotic, but it's also beautiful. Just look at how Hayden looks at his daddy while he and his mom are cuddling on the couch. You can scroll I'll wait... Am I right? I mean, come on! The amount of love and contentment in those eyes is absolutely immeasurable. 

In home sessions also allow for a higher level of spontaneity. Karina mentioned while I was there that she wanted to get pictures done in the bathtub sometime because he was such a water baby and loved bath time. I said, "Why not now?" so we ended the session with him in the tub! 

I'm so excited to share this session with you all, because it's truly one of my favorites!!

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