Vivi ·One in the Summertime·

Hello Dears!

Long time no blog! I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure this month has been THE longest year of my life. Is January always like this and I just block it out? Anyone else feeling like hibernating for another month or so?

This cold weather is really getting old, so I’m digging through last year’s sessions to remind myself that warmer days are coming. Vivi’s parents wanted to do something fun and unique for her one year session, and I was totally on board. We opted for the Myriad Gardens in OKC, because they have a fabulous splash pad and yummy cold treats which were perfect for her summertime session.

Thanks for stopping by….now it’s back to hibernating!!

Two at the Zoo ·OKC Lifestyle Photographer·


Hello Dears!

There's hardly anything more fun than watching a two year old at the zoo. The excited eyes when they see the real life animals they've been pointing to in books--never gets old.

Cooper had a blast celebrating his second birthday last year. Can you believe that?? Last year?! Now he's a big strong 3 year old! You might remember Rychy and Karena from this blog post from a while back, all about their brand new baby Claire. Well they announced that Karena was pregnant with Claire at this session! Then we all blinked and Claire was born and now she's growing like a weed and AHHH, life is crazy.

I loved being there to capture sweet moments like Cooper riding on the train. Having a three-year-old of my own, I know that the train obsession is real. But seriously, Cooper's 'choo-choo' sounds could melt any heart within a 5 mile radius, so consider yourself warned. 

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Little Miss Amelia ·One Year Studio Portraits·


Hello Dears!

Can you believe Miss Amelia is already a year old?! It seems like we just finished up her newborn session last week. Please. Stop. Growing.

It was so good to see Tiffany and Eric again, because they're just about as sweet as can be! For their maternity and newborn session they opted to stay in home, so they wanted to try something a little different for Amelia's one year session. Since they're such fans of lifestyle sessions, we decided to head over to the studio! 

This session is particularly special to me because it was one of the first sessions I shot in the studio and I absolutely love how it turned out! Amelia looks so grown up in her short qipao, which is the beautiful purple dress she's wearing. I love when we're able to include things that mean a lot to your family and family history. It just makes the photos that much more special. So in case you were wondering, yes please do bring that 100 year old blanket that belonged to your great great grandma, or the teddy bear that Paw Paw played with as a child. You won't regret it!   

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