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Hello dears!

Moore, Oklahoma has been “home” for as long as I can remember.  I received my education, made lifelong friends, and grew into the person I am today here.  The town has gone through so many changes over the last several years, as have I.  We both have withstood storms (literally and figuratively), scooped up our broken pieces, and rebuilt stronger than ever.  

I used to say that I wanted to live anywhere except Moore, but here I am in my thirties, digging my heels in even further. I’ve been looking for a larger studio space for a few while, and was beginning to think that this was just not the time for me to find the right space. So I gave up looking and decided to make my current space in the Plaza work. After all, it had a sweet charm and who wouldn’t want to work directly above The Mule? YUM.

But, as with a lot of things in life, I found what I was looking for the minute I stopped searching. And the best part? It’s FOUR MILES from my house. You guys, I can’t.

So, two days after seeing the listing online, I signed a lease. One week after that, I was fully moved in. The next day I had my first session in my new space. What can I say? When it’s right, it’s right.

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My first visitors, baby Julian and big brother Phoenix were very comfortable and able to play and move around in all the open space!

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The studio is in the heart of Old Town Moore. Just north of the space is my old junior high, and just west is the church where I spent most of my super angst-y teenage days. To the east is the train track where I took the first photo I ever developed in a darkroom. (PSA - Photographing on/around train tracks is incredibly dangerous and illegal, so just.don’

One day, shortly after signing the lease, I was moving things into the studio with Jax when I noticed people gathering outside. Shortly after, the Moore High homecoming parade made it’s way down Broadway. It was slightly surreal watching my alma mater’s parade while standing outside my brand new studio with my kiddo. Y’all…to say that I never saw my life unfolding in this way is an understatement. There were many a naysayer along the way who told me that a career in photography was a pipe dream. But I knew, 15-20 years ago when I was haunting the street in a different life, that photography was in my bones. I just never thought one day it would bring me back to where it all started!

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Okay, enough about me! Let’s talk about what you really want to know…what you can expect in this new space!

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If you ever visited the Plaza studio, everything will look and feel very familiar.  I still have the same varieties of lifestyle and studio type settings but BIGGER and BRIGHTER!  The several windows provide the space with beautiful natural light and the larger space creates a more airy feel.  I now have a permanent newborn setup with a variety of wraps out on display to make styling the shoots quicker and easier. 

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I also now have a separate Portrait Viewing room fully complete with a TV, mini fridge, and a sofa.  It’s perfect for nursing moms and even has door for those that desire privacy.  In fact, during my first newborn shoot last week dad was feeling very sleepy (because, newborns) and he was able to turn off the lights, crack the door, snuggle up on the couch with a pillow and a blanket and grab a quick nap!

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If you are unfamiliar with this area of Moore let me tell you about it!  First of all, it is located conveniently right off of I-35 and parking is ALWAYS available in the front and the back!  Second, there are plenty of yummy places to eat from sweet treats at the Candy Castle to savory Italian at Two Olives...both within walking distance!  For older siblings who might have a hard time hanging out for an entire newborn session there is an awesome playground nearby as well as the Moore Public Library. Basically, we've got it all! Holler at us today if you'd like to schedule a time to visit and check out the new digs!

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Two at the Zoo ·OKC Lifestyle Photographer·


Hello Dears!

There's hardly anything more fun than watching a two year old at the zoo. The excited eyes when they see the real life animals they've been pointing to in books--never gets old.

Cooper had a blast celebrating his second birthday last year. Can you believe that?? Last year?! Now he's a big strong 3 year old! You might remember Rychy and Karena from this blog post from a while back, all about their brand new baby Claire. Well they announced that Karena was pregnant with Claire at this session! Then we all blinked and Claire was born and now she's growing like a weed and AHHH, life is crazy.

I loved being there to capture sweet moments like Cooper riding on the train. Having a three-year-old of my own, I know that the train obsession is real. But seriously, Cooper's 'choo-choo' sounds could melt any heart within a 5 mile radius, so consider yourself warned. 

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Kim, Ian, + Daisy ·Lake Hefner Maternity Session·

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Hello dears!

It's Friday, and you know what that means! We're just days away from the finale of Big Little Lies. (That's what you were expecting me to say, right?) I know I'm not the only one who's on pins and needles waiting for all.the.answers. Who's with me? If you have any amazing theories as to what happens, leave them in the comments! I'm SO sucked in and it's definitely got me stumped!

The literature nerd in me wants to rewatch the show, just to pay closer attention to the scenes with the ocean. There's definitely some symbolism going on there, right? Or maybe I'm just overthinking it because we've got a SERIOUS Moana phase happening in our house. Either way, I love the ocean and have serious dreams of living near it some day. I guess that's why I like spending time at Lake Hefner so much...because sometimes you just take what you can get!

When Kim said she wanted to take her maternity photos at the lake AND they were bringing their fluffy pup along, I was so game. The weather was perfect, the sun was beautiful, and Kim and Ian made photo magic. I love these photos so much, I immediately ordered a sample for the studio with them. Hop on over to my Instagram @courtneydespainphoto to see it!

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