Two at the Zoo ·OKC Lifestyle Photographer·


Hello Dears!

There's hardly anything more fun than watching a two year old at the zoo. The excited eyes when they see the real life animals they've been pointing to in books--never gets old.

Cooper had a blast celebrating his second birthday last year. Can you believe that?? Last year?! Now he's a big strong 3 year old! You might remember Rychy and Karena from this blog post from a while back, all about their brand new baby Claire. Well they announced that Karena was pregnant with Claire at this session! Then we all blinked and Claire was born and now she's growing like a weed and AHHH, life is crazy.

I loved being there to capture sweet moments like Cooper riding on the train. Having a three-year-old of my own, I know that the train obsession is real. But seriously, Cooper's 'choo-choo' sounds could melt any heart within a 5 mile radius, so consider yourself warned. 

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Penelope Z ·Lifestyle Newborn Photographer·

Hello dears!

It's people like this sweet family right here that really make my world go round.  I've had the pleasure of working with Molly and Will on their engagement and wedding photos, and when I saw they were expecting their first child, my heart just about burst with excitement!

We took Miss Penelope's newborn photos at their home in Edmond, and I'll be darned if she didn't sleep through the entire session.  (Hello, dream baby!)  Penny's nursery was the perfect balance of color, whimsy, and frill, and served as a great backdrop for some of her photos.  I love that we were able to capture Penelope in the same chair that was used to rock her momma to sleep when she was a little girl.  It's subtle touches like those that make me a little weepy, because ya know, passing of time, babies growing up, all that emotional mom stuff.

My absolute favorite photos from the day aren't those perfectly posed portraits, though.  As silly as it may seem, I absolutely love the photos of Molly and Will taking a break together for a diaper change in the living room.  When you're pregnant and buying all the things, you have visions of your sweet little baby lying perfectly still on a perfectly stocked changing table, with a perfect little diaper changing routine.  Then your baby gets here and there's stuff everywhere.all.the.time.  Diaper changes become a group activity, and they happen pretty much anywhere EXCEPT the actual changing table.  Photos like these show the little things you do every day that are the building blocks of parenting, and while it may seem trivial, these moments only last a little while.  As a new parent, you may feel like all you do is change diapers, wipe spit up off your shirt, and feed feed feed your baby.  But then one day you realize you don't do those things much anymore (except feeding your baby...ALWAYS FEED YOUR BABY).  The diapers and endless laundry become a blur that eventually fades away, and before you know it, you've forgotten what those first few crazy weeks of parenting were like.  

Surely I'm not the only one who gets a little emotional about diaper changes....right?

Thank you, Molly and Will, for allowing me to capture this new chapter in your family's journey.  Miss Penelope is so lucky to have a mommy and daddy like you!

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Anne ·Norman, Oklahoma Maternity Photographer·

Hello dears!

I started working on baby Chance's newborn session blog post, and I realized I hadn't yet shared Anne's beautiful maternity photos!  She and her husband Zach came to Norman on a seriously beautiful Saturday in April, before the skies dumped buckets of rain everywhere.  It's a VERY good thing we didn't have any weather delays, because just a few days after the session, Anne's water broke and little Chance surprised everyone by making his entrance into the world a few weeks ahead of schedule!  Momma and baby are healthy and happy, and loving every bit of their time together.

But we'll get to all the baby sweetness a bit later....for now, here's Anne when she was a glowing momma-to-be!

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