Hayley ·UCO Senior 2015·

Hello dears!

I've known this gorgeous gal since she was a little kiddo running around the church hallways in oversized FUMC t-shirts.  Her mom was my youth pastor in junior high, so yeah, we go way back.  I happened to run into her one day while I was scarfing an onion burger at Tucker's, and I MAY have startled her with how excited I was to run into her.  

You see, Hayley was majoring in Photographic Arts at the University of Central Oklahoma just like I did!  I'd been wanting to ask her if she'd like to do some assistant work for me, but just never got around to it.  So I was grateful when the universe pushed us together, especially since burgers were involved.  

Turns out Hayley was needing to do her internship before graduating, and I was more than happy to share with her the wealth of knowledge I possess as a supremely important photographer (snort).

Anywho, Hayley was an awesome photography intern and an even more amazing model for her senior photos!  I love the ones with her scrunched up nose smile, because THAT is Hayley.  Well, that's the Hayley I'll always remember.  Congrats on graduating, and yay for your first school-free Fall!

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