OKC Headshot Mini Sessions


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On a scale of LOVE IT to pleeease don't make me use it, how do you feel about your current headshot? Headshots are a vital part of brand and/or corporate marketing, but literally EVERYONE in the world today can benefit from having a professional headshot and I'll tell you why.

First, I want to talk about what a headshot is exactly. A headshot isn't a portrait with unnatural posing and a big goofy smile. It is a genuine representation of the subject and their unique personality.  There is a reason why every business from corporate offices to Hollywood prefer headshots.  They're honest and create a more relatable vision of their brand as a whole. Now, I know that some of you might be thinking, "I'm not an actor, I don't own a business, and I don't work in a corporate setting.  I don't need a headshot."  

In the words of Dwight Schrute, "FALSE." 

In this day and age, whether you want to admit it or not, social media dominates almost every aspect of our lives. I don't know about you, but I put a lot of thought into my profile picture.  I want to look approachable, fun but professional, and most of all I want to look like ME.  There are many times in our lives where a photo is our first impression.  Most email servers have a profile picture attached that every recipient sees upon viewing an email.  Schools and/or teachers have apps for parents that suggest a photo upload during the initial set up.  Job finders. Dating Sites. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. LinkedIn. ALL THE THINGS. Are you convinced?? Pack a lunch and meet me in the gorgeous Myriad Gardens next month and I'll get you taken care of!  Scroll all the way down for details on our Headshot Mini Session special in April.


Headshot Mini Sessions

Where:  Myriad Gardens in Downtown OKC

When:  Tuesday, April 17  9:30am-noon

Details:  10 minute session

Includes 3-5 digital images

$99 + tax

Click here to claim your spot today!

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Bernie Sanders ·OKC Rally · 2016


Hello dears!

When I found out Bernie Sanders was coming to Oklahoma City, I started *gently* harassing my Bernie-minded friends for information on photographing the event.  Sunday morning at about 2:30am I got an email saying my press pass for Bernie's OKC rally was approved, and I basically couldn't sleep after that.  While it might not be a big deal to some (basically anyone who works for any sort of media outlet can get a press pass), it was a big deal to me!  So Sunday afternoon, I got to hang out with "the press" and do the freelance photojournalist thing, which was a fun departure from what I usually do.

Horse Thief's cover of Woody Guthrie was perfection, and the Black Bird Dance Troupe put Wayne Coyne's weird "introduction" to shame.  However, the real star was obviously Bernie, who inspired some of the loudest cheers I've ever heard.

While chasing campaigns all over the country isn't necessarily for me, I do love the work I get to do with local candidates.  And heck, if I get the chance to photograph Bernie Sanders up close and personal, you bet your sweet cheeks I'm going to take it.


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Gather ·A Cozy Styled Shoot at the Plenty Mercantile Rooftop·

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While dreaming of warmer weather and long evenings shared with close friends and a bottle (or three) of wine, I realized that I never shared one of my favorite projects from 2013 properly!  When one of my favorite florists, Alison of Juniper Designs, asked if I would be interested in capturing a styled shoot she was planning at Plenty Mercantile to show off their new rooftop event space, I was beside myself with delight!  

In her own words, the vision behind Gather was "to capture the feeling of home, warmth, and community behind intimate gatherings."   And friends, with the help of Willow Paper Goods and all the fabulous furnishings that can be found within the fabulous Plenty Mercantile, she did just that.  I'm still completely smitten with how everything turned out, and I love how cozy everything feels even though there is a whole cityscape surrounding the rooftop!


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