Bernie Sanders ·OKC Rally · 2016


Hello dears!

When I found out Bernie Sanders was coming to Oklahoma City, I started *gently* harassing my Bernie-minded friends for information on photographing the event.  Sunday morning at about 2:30am I got an email saying my press pass for Bernie's OKC rally was approved, and I basically couldn't sleep after that.  While it might not be a big deal to some (basically anyone who works for any sort of media outlet can get a press pass), it was a big deal to me!  So Sunday afternoon, I got to hang out with "the press" and do the freelance photojournalist thing, which was a fun departure from what I usually do.

Horse Thief's cover of Woody Guthrie was perfection, and the Black Bird Dance Troupe put Wayne Coyne's weird "introduction" to shame.  However, the real star was obviously Bernie, who inspired some of the loudest cheers I've ever heard.

While chasing campaigns all over the country isn't necessarily for me, I do love the work I get to do with local candidates.  And heck, if I get the chance to photograph Bernie Sanders up close and personal, you bet your sweet cheeks I'm going to take it.


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