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Hello Dears!

There's hardly anything more fun than watching a two year old at the zoo. The excited eyes when they see the real life animals they've been pointing to in books--never gets old.

Cooper had a blast celebrating his second birthday last year. Can you believe that?? Last year?! Now he's a big strong 3 year old! You might remember Rychy and Karena from this blog post from a while back, all about their brand new baby Claire. Well they announced that Karena was pregnant with Claire at this session! Then we all blinked and Claire was born and now she's growing like a weed and AHHH, life is crazy.

I loved being there to capture sweet moments like Cooper riding on the train. Having a three-year-old of my own, I know that the train obsession is real. But seriously, Cooper's 'choo-choo' sounds could melt any heart within a 5 mile radius, so consider yourself warned. 

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Nola ·Documentary Maternity Photography·


Hello Dears!

One reason I love doing what I do is getting to witness and capture the sweetest, littlest of moments between loved ones. Oftentimes these moments pass us by and we never get the opportunity to cherish them, but thank goodness for lifestyle sessions, friends. Nola wanted to capture their "every day" instead of focusing on posed photos for her maternity session, freezing in time their last moments as a family of 3, and Afton's last moments as an only child. We stayed in the comfort of their sweet and cozy home in Tuttle, and were able to play with Afton throughout the session rather than pull out our hair trying to get perfectly posed shots of a toddler. The next time I saw her, she was a proud big sister sharing goldfish and changing her babydoll's diapers like a pro! I love that we got so many fun photos of their family playing and having fun together, because that's how life is with a toddler. Always go, go, go! By the end of the session, Afton was ready to wind down for naptime so we wrapped it up with storytime on the couch. 

I did talk Nola into taking a few posed portraits that we could recreate at baby Charley's newborn session, and those ended up being some of her favorite final images....and mine too! I just love that bump to baby comparison. I also love the photos of Nola fixing Afton's hair. It's those kinds of teeny tiny moments that make my heart flutter. 

I'm a huge fan of lifestyle maternity sessions because they make life easier when you're carrying your little one, but also because I'm able to capture you in your most comfortable and natural environment. The photos end up being truly representative of your family, and that's what we're always aiming for. 

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Momma's Milk Minis (and Babywearing too!)


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There are lots of things I love about being a (new) mom.  Sure, there are a few things about motherhood that make me tired in a way I never knew possible, but the bond I have with our little man is something I never knew I needed until it was there.  Breastfeeding and babywearing are two things I cherish every day, because I know someday he will be outgrow them.  (Let's blame it on the mommy hormones that I am getting weepy while writing that sentence.)

I can take pictures of Jax and his dad all day long, but you know what I can't easily capture?  Myself nursing him.  Myself wearing him.  Two of my most favorite parts of motherhood right now, and I can't even capture it!  Props to the moms who set up their tripods and take these selfies, btw.  Maybe someday I'll have it together enough to do that, but today is not that day.

So here I am, crying one day while nursing (not not crying), because I don't have very many "good" photos of all of this stuff, when I think, "I just want a few good shots and I'll be happy!"

I mean, don't you moms want the same thing?  Shouldn't you be in the photos every once in a while too?


  Momma's Milk Minis.  Open to moms who breastfeed (or bottlefeed!) and babywear.  So basically, if your a mom, this is for you.


Mini sessions will take place on August 3rd (let's kick off National Breastfeeding Month together!), and will be at an outdoor location in Moore.  10% of each session fee will be donated to the Infant Crisis Services center in Oklahoma City.  


Click Here to reserve your spot!  Session times will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis. 

Please contact me here if you have any questions!

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p.s. - A big thank you to Tiffany Roberts Photography, Stephanie Ralls Photography, and Avenue Photography for being my lovely models in these photos!