What to Wear (Or Not Wear!) ·How to Look Your Very Best for Family Photos·


Hello Dears!

When it comes to family photos, figuring out what to wear can feel a lot like rocket science. Luckily, I'm here to help you breathe! Here are some tips that will make your family photos as beautiful as can be while still allowing your personal style to shine through.

Coordinate, but don't match.

We've all seen the families dressed in khakis and white button ups, and we're trying to stop seeing them. Make sure the colors you choose complement each other, but avoid dressing everybody in the exact same thing. 


Avoid wearing all white/black.

Choosing colors gives your photos dimension, and makes the pictures warmer.


 Use patterns sparingly.

Patterns are great in moderation, but having everyone wear a pattern can be overwhelming. Try putting one or two family members in patterns, and then putting the rest of the family in a color that coordinates with the pattern.


Say YES to layers, textures, and accessories.

Adding a few accessories can really pull a look together. Don't be afraid to add some scarves, vests, sweaters, or jewelry to a few members of the fam!


Say NO to logos and characters. 

Keep it simple. Sure, your kiddo might be completely obsessed with all things Elsa and Anna, but logos and characters are distracting in portraits.  Maybe opt instead to include some of that color scheme in their outfit, as a compromise!


Be comfy!

Wear something that makes you comfortable!  If you can't comfortably sit and move around in your outfit, it might not be the best for family photos.  If you find yourself tugging here and there to adjust your shirt or dress, try going with something else that fits the way you want it!  Also, be sure that your outfit highlights your best side, and covers up anything you are less than crazy about.  Love your arms?  Go sleeveless!  Hate your thighs?  Avoid short shorts and skirts!  If you don't feel your very best in what you're wearing, it will surely show in your photos.


Do a wrinkle check.

If you think the material might be a little wrinkly, it will be a whole lotta wrinkly when it's time for photos. Save yourself the struggle by picking a fabric that's relatively wrinkle resistant. 


Keep your home in mind.

Consider your home decor when choosing colors - you'll be hanging these photos on your wall, so it doesn't hurt to compliment your home decor. There's a good chance your home decor could give you a clue to your personal style as well. 


And of course feel free to ask me any questions about your outfit choices! I'm always happy to help, so don't hesitate to email me. Pinterest is also a wealth of inspiration, so definitely check that out if you're feeling stuck!

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