These are a Few of My Favorite Things


Hello Dears!

Recently my husband and I were talking about how our hobbies and "me time" have really taken a backseat since Jax was born. It got me thinking of what some of my hobbies are, and my top three were baking, reading, and (gasp) photography.

BUT THAT'S MY JOB! Saying your job is also your hobby is lame, right? 

But long before I started my business (way way back), I loved photography and always had a camera with me. But I've found that the more I'm working, the less I'm photographing just for fun. So when my usual wheat field down the road from our house magically sprouted a bajillion beautiful wildflowers this summer, I HAD to shoot there. Which led to me packing up the family on a whim after dinner because it was cloudy and beautiful and you never know when the field will be mowed down! My husband was thrilled, obvs.

Alas, with the clouds came lightning, so I had exactly three minutes to shoot once we got there! Combine that with an active two year old and...well....I didn't have a lot to choose from, to say the least! But I love the outcome and I'm glad I took the time to do a shoot just for me! (Even if it was less than five minutes!)



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