Brooke + Spike ·Oklahoma Lovebirds Engaged in Paris·

Hello dears!

So this session is an oldie but a goodie.  I realized this never made it to my old blog, so I thought this would be the perfect time to share.  Getting the opportunity to photograph a totally gorgeous couple in Paris is something I never even dreamed I'd get to do.  But sometimes the universe gives you a present, and you have to snatch it up!  So here's how it happened:

Brooke and I met when we worked together at a clothing boutique together, and I instantly knew we were going to be friends!  Fast forward a few years, and Brooke is living in Luxembourge after completing her degree in French.  My husband (Dustyn...I don't think y'all have formally met yet) and I were planning a trip to Paris last May when I suggested to Brooke that we meet up.  I mean, how often do you get to ask your friends if they want to meet for drink in Paris? ... Exactly.  Her boyfriend Spike, who still lived in Oklahoma, was going to be visiting her at the same time we would be there.  So I asked begged her if we could make time for a just-for-fun photo session.  How can you say no to that?

Fast forward again, and we are all in Paris meeting up at a little cafe for a carafe...or two...of wine.  We may have also sneaked some crepes in at some point!  After we'd been hanging out for some time, Brooke tells me that Spike propsed earlier that day!  I don't know how those weren't the first out of her mouth!!  So what was originally a just-for-fun session quickly turned into a celebratory engagement session! But, enough of me blabbing. Here are some of my favorites from the day!

2013-01-14_0001.jpg 2013-01-14_0002.jpg 2013-01-14_0003.jpg 2013-01-14_0004.jpg 2013-01-14_0005.jpg 2013-01-14_0006.jpg 2013-01-14_0007.jpg 2013-01-14_0008.jpg 2013-01-14_0009.jpg 2013-01-14_0010.jpg 2013-01-14_0011.jpg 2013-01-14_0012.jpg 2013-01-14_0013.jpg 2013-01-14_0014.jpg 2013-01-14_0015.jpg 2013-01-14_0016.jpg 2013-01-14_0017.jpg 2013-01-14_0018.jpg 2013-01-14_0019.jpg 2013-01-14_0020.jpg 2013-01-14_0021.jpg 2013-01-14_0022.jpg 2013-01-14_0023.jpg 2013-01-14_0024.jpg 2013-01-14_0025.jpg 2013-01-14_0026.jpg

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