Rachel & Ginger // An inspiring young girl and her furry friend

Hello dears!

I'm playing catch-up with the blog.  Can you forgive me?  I've switched blog providers because my other one made it WAY difficult for me to upload photos...and that's really the whole point, isn't it?  So, here goes with the beginning of a series of posts with some not-quite-so-recent photos.

So, Rachel's awesome mom contacted me about taking Rachel's portraits in honor of her (then) upcoming Bat Mitzvah.  For the charity project which is required with her bat mitzvah, Rachel chose to bake and sell dog biscuits and then donate the money to the Central Oklahoma Humane Society.  Girl after my own heart!  At the end of it, she raised $1400!  Amazing! You can read about Rachel's full and awesome story here.  I bought a few bags of biscuits for our dogs, and I can testify that dogs love them.  Plus, they are way too cute...much like Rachel herself!

2012-12-12_0006.jpg 2012-12-12_0005.jpg 2012-12-12_0004.jpg 2012-12-12_0003.jpg 2012-12-12_0002.jpg 2012-12-12_0001.jpg 2012-12-12_0010.jpg 2012-12-12_0009.jpg 2012-12-12_0008.jpg