Baby Guthrie ·OKC Newborn Photography·

Hello Dears!

Cassi and Joe recently welcomed sweet baby Guthrie into the world, and I'm so excited for you to meet him! This family holds a special place in my heart because aside from being good friends of mine, I've also been lucky enough to photograph their engagement, wedding, and now for their newborn session. I've really loved being able to capture each of these different seasons of their lives, especially because  at their home in Mesta Park. Each time, we've recreated the photo of the whole family sitting on the front porch step, which perfectly illustrates the growth of their family!

One major bonus when you photograph friends' babies is that you get extra cuddles without seeming too creepy. I'm seriously always up for baby snuggles. 

Lucky little Guthrie has an awesome big sister, Josi, whom I've been snapping photos of since she was a waddlin' one-year-old. I'm positive she's up for the big sister gig, I mean just look at that proud big sis smile! 

And can we talk for a brief, important moment about Guthrie's nursery?! Okie love + tons of natural light are enough to make me sing. Plus, the name Guthrie pretty much rules, am I right?


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