Baby Hayden ·OKC Lifestyle Newborn Photography·


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I hope Mr. Hayden's yawns aren't too contagious this Monday morning! But don't let that sleepy face fool you, Hayden was quite the little milk monster. He'd have nursed all day if Karina let him! He also had the softest head of hair. That's one of those things you soak in as much as you can when you have a brand new little one. It's the good stuff.

It was so nice getting to know Karina and Craig during their newborn session. I asked what piece of advice they would give to new parents, and Karina said "Take care of your wife!" Baby Hayden was breech, and despite their best efforts to spin him, the birth day ended with a c-section. Karina said seeing her husband take charge was much needed, and quickly reminded her why she married him! Help from your partner goes so far during this difficult but oh so rewarding time.

Now, can we PLEASE talk about their precious new baby with the sweetest dog ever? My favorite photo from this session is the one with Hayden laying on Ash's paw. Ash was such a sweet and gentle dog, and was very much involved in what was happening with baby Hayden. When we headed into the toy nook, she followed suit and plopped down on the rug. I knew she was calm enough to try out what ended up being my favorite photo from the session! We laid Hayden on her paw and dad was right out of frame, but Ash didn't even bat an eye. She posed like a pro and didn't move until Hayden was in dad's arms. (I refrained from saying her special ear-perk word *Popcorn!* because I didn't want her to jump, but trust that Ash was happy as a clam the whole time, despite the long face!!)

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Baby Guthrie ·OKC Newborn Photography·

Hello Dears!

Cassi and Joe recently welcomed sweet baby Guthrie into the world, and I'm so excited for you to meet him! This family holds a special place in my heart because aside from being good friends of mine, I've also been lucky enough to photograph their engagement, wedding, and now for their newborn session. I've really loved being able to capture each of these different seasons of their lives, especially because  at their home in Mesta Park. Each time, we've recreated the photo of the whole family sitting on the front porch step, which perfectly illustrates the growth of their family!

One major bonus when you photograph friends' babies is that you get extra cuddles without seeming too creepy. I'm seriously always up for baby snuggles. 

Lucky little Guthrie has an awesome big sister, Josi, whom I've been snapping photos of since she was a waddlin' one-year-old. I'm positive she's up for the big sister gig, I mean just look at that proud big sis smile! 

And can we talk for a brief, important moment about Guthrie's nursery?! Okie love + tons of natural light are enough to make me sing. Plus, the name Guthrie pretty much rules, am I right?


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Baby Cooper is 9 Months Old! What a Hoot!


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I absolutely love my baby plan families, because nothing is sweeter than watching little ones learn their way in the world.  Mister Cooper is 9 months, and since our last visit he has learned to sit up on his own, and how to hold onto things to stand!  He thinks bubbles and his dog Caesar are pretty hilarious, and I can't say I disagree.  We also took a little time for him to read his favorite book, "Hoot!"

Couldn't you just gobble up those tiny baby toes???  Happy 9 months, baby Cooper!

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