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I had the privilege of documenting this sweet family while they were in the hospital for their Fresh 48 session and I was just as excited to have them visit the studio for a newborn session shortly after.

You may think that a few weeks isn't a long time, but you know how 1 human year = 7 dog years?  Two weeks in newborn time is HUGE.  It's not uncommon for some babies to grow as much as 2 inches in the first two weeks! Their faces change so much.  Their little eyes are starting to focus and they're becoming more comfortable and secure in this very loud and bright world.   The babies aren't the only ones that change during those first few weeks.  When I see parents during a Fresh 48 session, they're usually still in the shock of it all (I mean...who wouldn't be?).  When the time comes around for their newborn session, it's tremendous the amount of confidence that has grown in that short time span.  Tasks that were slightly terrifying in the beginning have become second nature.  They know what each of the different cries mean (yes! babies cry differently for different reasons!). Everyone is settling into their new normal, and I love capturing that transition in a family.

It came as no surprise to her parents that Lilliana was a total dream during her session. She slept through the whole thing and made my job super easy! Truth be told, I'm almost as smitten with this session as Charisa and Jeremy are with their sweet girl!

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Frankie Archer ·OKC Studio Newborn·


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Whew!  Now that we've got that squared away let's turn our attention to Baby Archer and his wonderful family.  I first met Bethanie and Eric during now big sister Caroline's newborn session back in 2015.  I've loved watching Caroline grow and change over these past 2 years and I was absolutely thrilled that I now get to experience that with Archer as well!  We did Caroline's newborn session at Bethanie and Eric's home in Edmond, but we were unable to do the session in their home this time because they are in the process of building a GORGEOUS home in Choctaw.  They still wanted to have a lifestyle session and fortunately I am able to do that in the studio, so they still got the look and feel they desired for these precious memories.  

Archer has everyone is his family absolutely smitten, including his big sister.  Her favorite thing to do right now is press her cheek against his tiny face, which is so adorable. And what parent doesn't love that precious show of affection smack dab in the middle of flu season, amiright? 😂

Most photography sessions that involve newborns or young children can be very unpredictable but you know what? That's life!  I know that it makes parents nervous or anxious when their children can't stop sticking their tongues out or running around.  Heck, I even feel that way when we have family portraits done with our son! me when I say that's when the real magic happens.  Tickles, silly faces, and belly laughs are the things I live for and, despite how chaotic it might seem, those moments are so beautiful and you will cherish them forever.

You made it! Woo!

This is the part I'm SUPER excited about! We are now offering "home movies" as an add-on option to any session! Squeee! I secretly shot video during this session and surprised Bethanie with this film at her portrait viewing. After the few I've made for clients so far, it's safe to say I'm in love! My little man turns 4 soon (wut) and I can't wait to do a fun interview with him so I can always remember how silly and sweet he is right now. It will pair nicely with some wine and a full box of tissues because howismybabygrowingupsofastidontwanttoforgetanyofit.

If you're interested in planning your own home movie, contact us for more info!

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Baby Samuel ·OKC Lifestyle Newborn·


Hello Dears!

I know that everyone has moved on and put the holiday season behind them but I'm still dreaming of this cozy New Year's Eve lifestyle session I had with baby Samuel and his self-proclaimed "big time nerd" parents.

The word nerdy is a high compliment in my book, y'all. The minute Natalie and Pack told me that they got Samuel's name from their favorite show, Supernatural, I knew we would get along famously. The second I saw the Harry Potter inspired nursery, I knew I was in love. (It's worth noting that I'm currently binging Supernatural, so I edited Sam's session while watching Sam on my iPad. So meta.) 

Natalie and Pack were super patient and waited until Sam's birthday to find out the gender, so they wanted to plan a nursery with a gender neutral theme. Natalie said that she wanted the Harry Potter themed nursery to have more of a classic whimsy look without being *too* over the top or cheesy. I'd say they knocked it out of the park, wouldn't you? I chuckled during the session because the gorgeous chair in the nursery made me think of Slughorn's armchair disguise (although his chair probably paled in comparison to this beauty!). Not Harry Potter related but still adorable are the itty bitty macaron and pizza art prints, a subtle nod to Natalie's pregnancy craving and Pack's favorite food, respectively. Sam made his appearance to this world a little earlier than expected and his nursery was completed by Natalie's mom and sister a whole three hours before her water broke! If that's not an appropriate introduction to parenting, I don't know what is!

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