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Hello Dears!

I know that everyone has moved on and put the holiday season behind them but I'm still dreaming of this cozy New Year's Eve lifestyle session I had with baby Samuel and his self-proclaimed "big time nerd" parents.

The word nerdy is a high compliment in my book, y'all. The minute Natalie and Pack told me that they got Samuel's name from their favorite show, Supernatural, I knew we would get along famously. The second I saw the Harry Potter inspired nursery, I knew I was in love. (It's worth noting that I'm currently binging Supernatural, so I edited Sam's session while watching Sam on my iPad. So meta.) 

Natalie and Pack were super patient and waited until Sam's birthday to find out the gender, so they wanted to plan a nursery with a gender neutral theme. Natalie said that she wanted the Harry Potter themed nursery to have more of a classic whimsy look without being *too* over the top or cheesy. I'd say they knocked it out of the park, wouldn't you? I chuckled during the session because the gorgeous chair in the nursery made me think of Slughorn's armchair disguise (although his chair probably paled in comparison to this beauty!). Not Harry Potter related but still adorable are the itty bitty macaron and pizza art prints, a subtle nod to Natalie's pregnancy craving and Pack's favorite food, respectively. Sam made his appearance to this world a little earlier than expected and his nursery was completed by Natalie's mom and sister a whole three hours before her water broke! If that's not an appropriate introduction to parenting, I don't know what is!

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