Baby Lilliana ·Fresh 48·


Hello Dears!

One of the most exciting aspects about working with newborns is the unpredictability.  As desperately as we humans crave stability, newborns absolutely do not follow any sort of schedule...especially when it comes to their arrival!  We had been in contact with Charisa and Jeremy for a little while when Charisa emailed late one evening (thank goodness for smartphones!) and said that Lilliana had made her surprise debut that day...just a few days before her scheduled induction!

There is something that is just so special about Fresh 48 sessions.  The fuzzy just born hair, their bright pink skin and inquisitive eyes.  Everything is just so NEW.  One thing about Lilly that was not new was her hand sucking abilities.  She was constantly seen in her ultrasounds self soothing with her hands and fingers.  Charisa mentioned that thumb sucking ran in the family so it was no surprise that her first few hours of life were spent trying to locate that precious thumb.

While I was there, Lilly got a visit from her pediatrician and her footprints were recorded for her birth certificate. Lilly also received her first bath during the session and was not happy AT ALL about laying on her back.  Once her nurse flipped her over onto her tummy and supported her with her arm, she was as happy as a clam! 

Charisa and Jeremy are stationed here with the military and their families both live out of state.  They video chatted with both of their mothers during the session and I loved capturing the precious moment of Lilly's grandmothers seeing her for the very first time. 

I love Fresh 48 sessions because of all the "firsts" I get to capture, and this one was chock full of them. Stay tuned for Lilliana's lifestyle studio newborn session, coming soon!


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